In-Home & Outdoor Saunas

Bespoke to Your Environment

The solutions from Designer Home Spas are tailored to your luxurious lifestyle. Whether you desire a serene indoor haven or a sophisticated outdoor sanctuary, there’s a perfect sauna for you & your family. They’re masterfully designed to blend seamlessly with any environment, strengthening both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home. Create a tranquil space in your indoor areas or install an outdoor sauna to bask in the dry heat while snow falls just outside. Regardless of where you choose, it’ll serve as a natural extension of your living space while providing a personal, private retreat.

Premium Quality & Craftsmanship

Our home saunas are a hallmark of high-end living, built from only the highest-quality materials by even higher-quality craftsmen. Inspired by the original Finnish saunas, each piece is made from a curated selection of premium woods like alder, aspen, and black spruce, and powered by your choice of electric, energy-efficient heater. The 2, 4, and 6-person saunas are finished with low-level LED lights and multi-level benches, with comfortable backrests made from materials like Himalayan pink salt. Compared to gym or public facilities, these in-home saunas will profoundly elevate your wellness experience, immersing you in a sea of tranquility & rejuvenation. 

Advanced Purification for Optimal Health Benefits

For centuries, the Finnish have been sauna bathing to reap the multitude of health benefits. The gentle, enveloping heat therapy transports you into a deep relaxation, effectively alleviating stress and promoting more restful sleep patterns. The benefits extend into the physical realm of your body as well, enhancing cardiovascular health, stimulating circulation, and improving heart function. The heat also triggers detoxification, helping your body purge toxins through perspiration. Afterwards, your skin will be renewed and your body’s natural detox pathways will function efficiently, improving your overall sense of well-being and vitality.