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How it works?

Do you ever run discounts or special offers?

The short answer is yes. Like any business, we offer special sales periodically throughout the year. You can get these by subscribing to our email or SMS campaigns.

If there are no existing special offers being run but you are incredibly interested in buying one of our spas, call us at (305)-701-4029 to ask about any special offers that may be offered to you.

We are a kind group of human beings who are not driven by greed. We will try our best to get you your dream spa at a price that you are happy about.

Do you offer any financing options?

We know that giving customers various ways to pay is very important. As a result, we not only accept all types of online payments but also accept ACH and wire transfers.

If you'd like to pay via ACH or wire, simply email us at: for an invoice and payment instructions.

We also offer financing solutions like Affirm to customers who purchase products up to $30,000.

In that situation, Affirm will allow customers to put $5,000 down and finance the remaining $25,000 over a payment schedule.

How long will it take to get my spa?

Customers should expect a 10-12 week lead time for any order placed on our site.

If we have available inventory, we are able to ship anywhere in the united states within 6-10 business days.

We pride ourselves on our communication so if you want order updates at any moment, we are just an email, text, or phone call away.

You can read our full shipping policy here.

What is the return policy?

We accept returns based on a specific set of circumstances. We strongly recommend that all customers carefully read our return policy before placing an order with us!

What is the warranty on your spas?

The steel structure of our spas are under an 8-year warranty.

The consumables inside the spas like the heater, pump, and blower are on a 2-year warranty.

The cost associated with the parts and labor needed to repair your spa while under warranty is fully covered by us.

As a customer, you will also be assigned a service representative that will be available to troubleshoot small issues you have with your spa remotely and also come on-site to repair your spa whenever necessary.


How can I prepare for my hot tub installation?

For all information regarding installation, please read our delivery and installation guide that covers everything you need to think about before having our spas installed.

You can also download a copy of our Installation Manual for spas products.

Do I need a level floor to install my spa?

It is very important to level the floor where the hot tub will be installed. Remember that once installed, it will be filled with water and the level will depend on whether the floor has been leveled.

I want to install my hot tub outside. Is this possible?

Our spas have been designed for both inside and outside installation. You must take care of the hot tub if it is installed outside.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the surface of your hot tub, as well as its accessories. See the product manual for more information.

Do you guys do electrical installations?

We offer access licensed electricians in our key markets that can come to your home and handle the entire installation end to end. In the event that we do not have someone, we are more than happy to help you find the right person for a reasonable price. However, we do not include electrical work in our professional installation because every house has different requirements and safety concerns so we find it is best that customers handle this step themselves or directly with the professional handling the work.

What are the recommended electrical requirements

We recommend that the electrical setup for the equipment should be a 220-volt connection with a capacity of 50 Amps. The connection should be single-phase (monophase) with two poles and include a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) for safety.

I need a crane for my delivery. How should I approach that?

The use of cranes for a hot tub installation is quite common. As a result, we have actually helped customers get the best quotes for such jobs on various occasions.

We have done crane work in Boston, New York, and Miami. We are happy to walk you through the process and find someone who will delivery at a reasonable price. At Designer Home Spas, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to remove any and all inconveniences for our customers.

Spa Operation

The hot tub switches off every 15 minutes, should I be concerned?

Extended periods in direct contact with hot water can produce HYPERTHERMIA,
which occurs when the internal temperature of the body rises above the
normal temperature of 36.5ºC.

It is not advisable to prolong bathing beyond 15 minutes. This is why our equipment stops automatically 15 minutes after the massage has started.

Can I choose the time when my hot tub performs the water filtering process?

Yes, but only on hot tubs fitted with the Wi-Fi Touch Panel system. On the other systems, you can only choose preset programs. Consult your user manual for more information.

How can I change the color of the hot tub LED?

All Aquavia Spa residential hot tubs have an LED lighting system that has a sequence of different colors. To change from one color to another, just keep pressing until you find the desired color.

My hot tub has an ozone disinfection system. Is it necessary to add any other kind of chemical product?

Aquavia Spa hot tubs have two automatic disinfection systems: Clean Water (ozone system) and Ultraviolet Treatment (UV system). Both are designed to complement and enhance the water disinfection performed by the Water Disinfection Kit.

Therefore, they do not replace chemical products but rather they improve the water quality of your hot tub.

One of the massage points has no flow.

Some water jets can also regulate the intensity of the flow when opening or closing the water inlet. Turn the jet control clockwise to open the jet.

Why does my hot tub switch on automatically?

The hot tub has a pre-configured filtration system. It is absolutely essential that the hot tub water is filtered twice each day to maintain its quality.


How do I empty my hot tub?

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How and when should I clean the filter?

The filter should be cleaned periodically. Simply clean it with a pressure hose. Make sure all impurities disappear, then reinstall the filter. It is recommended to change the filter every 4 months.

Can the hot tub water freeze?

If the temperature sensors detect a fall to below 6.7°C, the
resistor and the filtration pump will automatically switch on to prevent freezing of the
water and the damage this could cause to your hot tub.

The unit and pump will remain on for 4 minutes after the temperature
rises above 7.2ºC.
In colder climates an additional temperature sensor can be added as a precaution,
to prevent freezing not detected by the standard sensors.

How should I maintain my spa water?

Aquavia Spa recommends the use of its water disinfection products. They will help you maintain an adequate pH level as well as correct disinfection.

All chemical products: Bromine in tablet form, Algaecides, Anti-calcareous and pH reducer, must be added to a floating dispenser (not supplied), with the massage pump on
for at least ten minutes.

pH recommendation

A pH index of between 7.2 and 7.6 is recommended.

The pH level measures the acidity and alkalinity: Values above 7 are alkali and below 7, are acid.

Check the pH of the Spa water daily using the pH test set. (not supplied).

If the pH is above the indexes, use pH MINOR SPA. Wait for two hours and re-do the pH test.

If the pH is below indexes, use pH MAJOR SPA. Wait for two hours and re-do the pH test.

When the pH index has been adjusted to the values indicated above, proceed to the next

It is very important to maintain the correct pH level both for the disinfectant to work properly and to prevent corrosion or deposits on the Spa. Any damage caused by an inadequate pH level is not covered by your Spa warranty

How can I clean the surface of the hot tub?

• Use common general purpose cleaners. For normal care and cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge with a little soap and water. Rinse well and dry with a clean dry cloth. If you are using a household cleaner, make sure it is recommended for acrylic surfaces by the manufacturer.

• Never use abrasive cleaners.

• Do not allow the acrylic surface to come into contact with ketones or esters such as acetone, acetates (such as nail varnish remover, nail varnish or dry cleaning substances) or any organic solvent with chlorine, varnishes, gasoline, aromatic solvents, etc.

• Remove dust, stains and dry dirt with a soft damp cloth.

• Clean grease, oil, paint and ink stains with isopropyl alcohol and dry with a clean, dry cloth.

• Avoid using razors or any other type of sharp instrument that could scratch the surface. Small scratches can be removed by applying a thin layer of car
varnish and polishing lightly with a clean cloth. Once a week, clean the hot tub area that is not under water with a quality polish
for hot tubs.

I will not be using the hot tub for a long time. What should I do?

If you do not use the hot tub during the winter or for very long periods, you must perform the following operations:

• Disconnect the electrical equipment, differential switch in OFF position.

• Locate the drain valve and turn the red lever on the valve to the OPEN position. In this way, the hot tub will empty due to gravity through the main drain.

• Leave the drain valve open.

• Remove the filter cartridge(s) from the filter (see filter maintenance section) and store in a dry place.

• Clean and dry the hot tub.

• Cover the hot tub.

How should I maintaining the lights of my spa?

Replacing the lamp is the only required maintenance on the spotlight. To replace the lamp, follow these steps:

• Dismantle the wooden side panel where the spotlight is installed using a medium-sized stecker screwdriver.

• To replace the lamp, turn the lamp-holder bushing counter-clockwise and lift it from its position.

• Once the faulty lamp has been replaced, place the lamp-holder back in position and reassemble the wooden side panel of the Spa.

If you have any doubt about the explanation of this operation, contact your authorized dealer or authorized technical service.

How can I maintain the pre-filter of the pump?

It is recommended to periodically check the condition of the pre-filter of the pump to avoid it from blocking. If debris has accumulated, the pre-filter should be opened and cleaned.

Follow these steps to clean the pre-filter:

1. Turn off the Filtering Pump by placing the selector in the OFF position.

2. Close the valve of the filtering circuit that connects the pump to the Spa.

3. Using the key supplied with the equipment, turn the upper cover of the pre-filter counter-clockwise until it becomes loose. Remove the basket of the pre-filter to clean it.

4. Put the basket back into place. Place the joint of the cover to close it using the key.

5. Open the filtering circuit valve.

How should I maintain the spa filter?

1. Disconnect the electrical equipment. Differential in OFF position.

2. Unscrew the top of the filter.

3. Remove the cartridge.

4. Clean the cartridge with water at low pressure.

What are the effects of low pH?

- The disinfectant will quickly dissipate.

- The equipment of the Spa become rusty.

- The water can start causing skin irritations to bathers.

What are the effects of a very high pH level?

- The disinfectant is less effective.

- Scale may appear on the acrylic and equipment.

- The water may become cloudy.

- The filter cartridge can become blocked.

How can I disinfect my spa's water?

Disinfection of the water is of utmost importance in order to destroy algae, bacteria and organisms that could develop in the water. However, excessive disinfection could cause
skin and eye irritation.

BROMIDE TABLETS are a suitable disinfectant for the Spa water. This product is placed in the pre-filter and gradually dissolves.

Check the residual bromide level daily using the Br analyzer set. The recommended level of residual bromide is between 2.2 and 3.3 ppm.

Quick Solutions

The interior lights aren't working 
My hot tub won't heat up
The hot tub won't work or the display isn't working
The air massage or blower isn't working
It doesn't go into PR or continually resets
The water massage isn't working
OHH/OHS message
HFL/LF/dr/dry message

Spa Error Codes Troubleshooting

Water temperature is unknown

Solution: After the pump has been running for 1 minute, the temperature will be displayed.

Possible freezing conditions

Meaning - A potential freeze condition has been detected, or the Aux Freeze Switch has closed.

Solution - All water devices are activated. In some cases, pumps may turn on and off and the heater may operate during Freeze Protection. This is an operational message, not an error indication.

The water is too hot - M029

Meaning: The system has detected a spa water temp of 110°F (43.3°C) or more, and spa functions are disabled.

Solution: System will auto reset when the spa water temp is below 108°F (42.2°C). Check for extended pump operation or high ambient temp.

Water level is too low

Meaning - This message can only appear on a system that uses a water level sensor. It appears whenever the water level get too low (or the water level sensor is disconnected)

Solution - Automatically disappears when the water level is adequate. Pumps and the heater turn OFF when this message appears.

The water flow is low - M016

Meaning: There may not be enough water flow through the heater to carry the heat away from the heating element.

Solution: Add water. Heater start up will begin again after about 1 min. Press the Clear Icon text to reset the message.

The water flow has failed - M017

Meaning: There is not enough water flow through the heater to carry the heat away from the heating element and the heater has been disabled.

Solution: Add water and reset message. Press the Clear Icon text to reset the message.

The heater may be dry - M028

Meaning: Possible dry heater, or not enough water in the heater to start it. The spa is shut down
for 15 min.

Solution: Add water and reset message. Press the Clear Icon text to reset the message.

The heater is dry - M027

Meaning: There is not enough water in the heater to start it. The spa is shut down.

Solution: After the problem has been resolved, you must reset
the message to restart heater start up. Press the Clear Icon text to reset the message.

Heater is to hot - M030

Meaning: One of the water temp sensors has detected 118°f (47.8°C) in the heater and the
spa is shut down.

Solution: You must reset the message when water is below
108°f (42.2°C). Press the Clear Icon text to reset
the message.

Flow-Related Checks

Solution: Check for low water level, suction flow restrictions,
closed valves, trapped air, too many closed jets and
pump prime.

Sensors are out of sync - M015

Meaning: The temperature sensors MAY be out of sync by 3°F.

Solution: Call for Service if this message does not disappear
within a few minutes.

Sensors are out of sync - Call for Service - M026

Meaning: The temperature sensors are out of sync

Solution: The fault above has been established for at least an
hour. Call for service. Press the Clear Icon text to reset
the message.

Sensor A Fault, Sensor B Fault - Sensor A: M031, Sensor B: M032

Meaning - A temperature sensor or sensor circuit has failed.

Solution - If the problem persists, contact your vendor or a service engineer.

Communications Error

Meaning - The control panel is not receiving communication from the System.

Solution - If the problem persists, contact your vendor or a service engineer.

Test Software Installed

Meaning - The Control System is operating with test software.

Solution - If the problem persists, contact your vendor or a service engineer.

Program Memory Failure - M022

Meaning - At Power-Up, the system has failed the Program Checksum Test.

Solution - This indicates a problem with the firmware (operation program) and requires a service call.

The settings have been reset (persistent memory error) - M021

Solution - Contact your service organization if this message
appears on more than one power-up.

The clock has failed - M020

Solution - If the problem persists, contact your vendor or a
service engineer.

Configuration Error (Spa will not start up)

Solution - If the problem persists, contact your vendor or a service engineer.

A pump may be stuck in 'on' mode - M034

Meaning - Water may be overheated.

WATER. Contact your dealer or service organization.

Hot Fault - M035

Meaning - A Pump Appears to have been Stuck ON when spa was last powered. POWER

Solution -DO NOT ENTER THE WATER. If the problem persists, contact your vendor or a
service engineer.

Problems & Solutions

Problem 1: Insufficient flow of filtered water

Reason: Filter is blocked by dirt.

Solution: Wash the filter

Problem 2: The massage pump of the jets does not work. Spa does not work.

Potential Reasons:

1. The cable of the digital control panel is disconnected from the board.

2. There is no electrical supply.

3. Differential is disconnected.

Potential Solutions:

1. Connect the cable to the board.

2. Check that the pump is connected to the electric control panel

3. Connect the differential.

Problem 3: The massage pump of the air blower does not work

Potential Reasons:

1. The cable of the digital control panel is disconnected from the board.

2. There is no electrical supply.

3. The pump has disconnected leading to overheating.


1. Connect the cable to the board.

2. Check that the pump is connected
to the electric control panel.

3. Let it cool for about 3 hours and
then start-up the pump again

Problem 4: Water leaks out through the Venturi

Potential Reasons:

1. Jets are closed.

2. Jets are not properly installed. The
outer trim of the jet turns a quarter
to open and close the water flow. If
this trim makes a complete turn, it
is not properly installed, and the jet
will have to be removed and then
placed correctly.

Potential Solutions:

1. Open the jet.

2. Remove the jet. Pull the outer trim about 2 cm. Unscrew the jet
turning anti-clockwise. Once it has been dismantled, replace the jet, by screwing in a clockwise direction. Press the outer trim back into place.

Problem 5: Limited airflow in the jets

Reason: Venturis are closed.

Solution: Open the Venturis

Problem 6: Reduced Airflow

Reason: Starter brushes of the motor are worn.

Solution: Change the pump.

Problem 7: The water does not reach the required temperature

Potential Reasons:

1. Probe is damaged.

2. Check programmed temperature.

Potential Solutions:

1. Replace the temperature probe.

2. Program the temperature.